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Hi everyone, this is my website symptoms thyroid diseases. On my website I will be researching and providing you with information and the symptoms of your thyroid and the diseases that our thyroid if not working properly can cause. I’m not a doctor, but I myself live with several autoimmune diseases caused from my thyroid cancer.

About Me

I’m going to give a little information on myself. I have three amazing boys they are my everything. For 13 years we have had a pretty rough time. My husband 13 years ago died of esophageal cancer and pancreatic cancer. It took him rather quickly, we had just had our third boy he was only three months old when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Four months later my husband passed away. My mother at the same time was diagnosed with melanoma cancer.  She had made it through her treatments and was cancer free for eight years. Tragedy struck again, eight years later she was diagnosed again with cancer, and it was every where in her body this time. She had made it three weeks the second time around and the cancer took her.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I’m currently living with it today.  I think it is very important to learn as much as we can about symptoms thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer as possible.

On my site symptoms thyroid diseases I think we can make a difference in our lives to fight back. To learn and get important information to help us do that. The more we know about autoimmune diseases and disorders we can feel better, live longer, and get the answers we need to make this happen. Thank you for visiting my site and if you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Very transparent article and one that brought awareness to a subject I am not familiar with. This was an eye-opener, and well worth the read.

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