A Recipe For Life

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Today in this article I’m going to be talking about how even though tragedy knocks us down there Is always a recipe for life, it keeps moving on so we can join it or lay down and do nothing. What will you choose? I choose to fight back and take it one day at a time. I hope you will as well.

Thirteen years ago I had the white picket fence. I was happily married and we had three beautiful boys, we bought a home, and had a vehicle, four wheeler’s, motorcycle’s, all of it, we were living the dream. I grew up very poor sometimes we didn’t have a roof over our heads when I was younger, but that Is another story.

What I’m trying to say Is my life was amazing and we don’t think bad things are going to happen when everything Is perfect, oh how I was wrong. My life changed forever in the blink of an eye. The white picket fence came crashing down, someone bulldozed right over the top of it and left me to build it back up by my own two hands and heart and the big man upstairs.

Crashing Down

My husband, his name was David, woke me up one morning normal everyday life. Get up go to work, I was a stay at home mom I took care of our three sons we had a three month, five-year old and our eldest was 7 at the time our world came crashing down on us.

My husband had a meeting to attend that morning, it was a rare day off for him, but he had to go to work for an hour that morning. He woke me and said hey baby I have a lump on my neck and I don’t know what it Is. I looked at it and sure enough there was an odd ball like lump protruding out of his neck, I asked him if it hurts and he said it didn’t but he had to go to his meeting and he would be home in an hour, I said okay we will see you in a few.

He returned home about an hour later and showed me his neck. It was huge, it looked like a tennis ball was protruding from his neck and it grew that big with in an hour. We called the doctors and made an appointment to get him checked out, and the doctor scheduled a throat scope to figure out what it was.

The next day they got him in and he had the throat scope done, they told him they would call in about a week when the results were done, it didn’t take a week it was the next day, they informed him it was cancer (but not the bad kind) they said. To me all Cancer Is bad, so not knowing much about the disease we were thinking they said not the bad kind, maybe surgery or something will take care of it and we can go back to our normal lives and everything will be fine.

Life As We Know It

Did I say fine? My life changed forever with just one sentence. We called an oncologist physician, because where we lived didn’t have one. The closest one was three hours away. My husband had gotten an appointment at the Huntsman Clinic in Salt Lake City Utah, two days later after finding out he had cancer.

Huntsman Clinic

Dave myself and our three month old arrived at the Huntsman Clinic and are sitting in the waiting room, waiting to see the doctor (oncologist) to found out what our options are to get this cancer (not the bad kind) out of him. Then treat this disease and we can go home.

It’s Our Turn

We hear David, oh it’s our turn, we get up and they walk us back, now usually when you go to the doctors they take you to a room with a table to lay on for your checkup, there are usually a couple of chairs to sit on and the usual medical equipment.

Well not us, they take us to a room with a small love seat couch, it had a big plant and a lamp in the corner, there was a small screen on the wall, David and I look at each other like this Is different, the nurse didn’t take his blood pressure, or temperature or do anything that was a normal routine before the doctor arrives. She just told us to have a seat, the doctor will be in shortly to see you, we both said okay.

Our Lives Changed Forever

The doctor, the sentence, the wind knocked out of us, my heart felt like Is was being ripped from my chest, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk. Begging God, please help us, let’s just get up and run as fast and as far as we can, and never look back. The doctor didn’t just say that, let’s grab our boys and run.

The doctor walks in and introduces himself and shakes our hands, he looks at our baby he was sitting in his car seat on the floor between Dave and I. The doctor said how old Is your baby? I said he Is three months and we have two at home they are in school so they couldn’t come with us today. How old are they? One Is five and our eldest Is 7.

The sentence, the doctor said you won’t see your kids graduate! David and I snapped our heads towards each other and the back at the doctor. I said, what, he said it again, you won’t see your kids graduate, your terminal! There it was the (train) that smashed into us.

We looked at each other confused, angry that this guy was saying this bad thing. I speak up and said what are you talking about the other doctor said it’s not the bad kind how can he be terminal? The doctor realized we didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, the doctor from our town didn’t tell us the right diagnoses.

Time If All We Had Was Time

So the doctor had two X-ray images in his hand. When he realized we didn’t know my husband was terminal, he apologized told us he was very sorry he assumed we knew and thought the other physician had told us, so that Is why he said what he said. He took the X-rays and put them in that little screen on the wall on turned a light on and it was images of the inside of David’s body.

He started showing us all the lumps inside of him, he said that surgery wasn’t possible because the lumps were to close to the outside of his lungs that it wasn’t possible to get to them without killing him. Then he showed us all the dots inside his lungs and near his heart and a path from his neck all the way down his body.

He told us that a lymph node track runs there and all of it Is cancer and it Is spreading fast. Not only do you have one deadly cancer you have two types and both are killers and he wished in twenty years with all the technology there Is out there that he wishes they could catch the two types before there full-blown but the can’t.

The two types he had was esophageal cancer and pancreatic cancer and he didn’t know what one started first but it was too late. He also said he can’t tell him how long he has left because if he told him a year you could pass next month or vise versa, but he said in his opinion only a few months because the pace it was moving through his body.

Lost It

I was trying to be strong for my husband, life as we knew it was over for him, but not just for him, the ones he was leaving behind, our beautiful children, myself. How were we going to look in our boys eyes and explain to them there dad was dying and they wouldn’t see him again?

I lost it tears started to swell in my eyes and then here came the big ones rolling down my face, I looked at my husband and felt the world closing in on me and I excused myself. I ran out of the office I couldn’t breathe I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know how to fix it.

I went to my truck and sat down, I picked up my phone and called my sister. She was watching my boys for me that day. She answered her phone what’s up, I couldn’t get it out, she said what’s wrong, I said he Is terminal, she said what?

I said it again he Is terminal the cancer Is everywhere, she said I’m so sorry I don’t know what to say, she asked if we were done and I told her almost and that I had to get back in there with David. She said she would round the family up and I told her I loved her and would call her back when we left.

Next Four Months

Hell on earth, bad people come out, what can we take? For seven beautiful years my husband and I built a life together, we had a family we bought a house and people try to take what Is not there’s. David had nine brothers and sisters they were half because his dad had passed when he was nine from a truck accident.

Out of the seven years we were together only one of his sisters stopped by our house twice, the whole family only lived 1 to 2 miles away from us. They started showing up at our house of course there brother was sick, but then they wanted the house and vehicles and anything else that wasn’t there’s.

My husband was doing chemo treatments just basically as a genie pig but it was killing him quicker so his doctor and himself decided he didn’t want to take it anymore so I backed him up.

Well his family tried to press murder charges on me saying I was a murderer, they went and tried to hire a lawyer but they went to ours and the lawyer laughed at them and said if you try to fight her for there belongings you will receive ten dollars a piece and that Is it and for you guys trying to press charges on her for murder it will never happen your brother Is dying of cancer so leave them alone and so my husband while he Is sick and trying to spend his time with us had to put restraining orders on his family members.

Every day my husband got weaker and weaker and pretty soon he stopped moving and opening his eyes. I fell in a routine I would give him a bath in the morning and change the sheets make sure he was comfortable. The time was getting close and my babies were getting scared so I wouldn’t let them in the room anymore, I would take care of the baby and try to keep everything normal as possible for the other two.

The Time Has Come

A week before my husband passed my mom came and stayed with me to help me out with the kids. She wasn’t there previously because she was in a battle for her life, she was diagnosed with melanoma, so her and my husband we doing chemo treatments at the same time.

My oldest sister was taking care of my mother while I was taking care of my husband. She wasn’t supposed to make it but she did for a while.The nurses would come over once a week to check on us and when David wasn’t waking up anymore they knew the time was getting close.

They sat me down and tried to explain what might happen as he Is passing, they told me try not to be scared but he could bleed out, or lose bodily fluids, they explained about his breathing they call it the death rattle and he was already at the time experiencing that.

They told me I don’t need to call doctors or anyone that I just needed to call the mortuary and then explained what they would do like cleaning the body and putting him in a body bag.

About four days after they explained this to me I walked into my room it was evening, time for his medication, I walked up he took a breath I felt for a pulse couldn’t feel one on his neck I put my hand on his heart felt his last two heart beats and he was gone.

The love of my life the father to my children our everything had passed on to a better place. I don’t how moms know things but we do, my mom walked in and saw he had passed and I was trying to use the phone to call the mortuary but I couldn’t do it. My mom gently asked me if I wanted her to do it and I told her yes.

Here Comes More Bad News

I mentioned earlier my mom was diagnosed with melanoma and she had beat it the first time. It came back and this time it was everywhere the doctors said if you pick up a handful of sand and just threw it in her body each grain was cancer she had passed away three weeks later.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I am currently living with it today. The thyroid controls so much of our bodies it caused me to have thyroid autoimmune diseases I have five of them.

Life Goes On

So now it Is time to sink or swim, which brings me to where I am today. My cancer and autoimmune diseases prevent me from going to work and supporting my children, I can’t stand up for 8 to 10 hours straight on my legs cause of my joints.

The thyroid attacks the joints in every part of my body and it caused arthritis on top of the other thyroid diseases. So I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s where I can work at home and provide for my children.

If you are living with thyroid diseases, cancer, disabilities, or even if your just tired of your job and having a boss and you want to work for yourself but don’t know where to start, I’m going to let you know what I did and if you put the work in and are willing to learn you can do this as well.

I Found A Home

I found a home, and I wish it was the first place I stumbled upon but it wasn’t, that’s okay because I found it and I’m never looking back. The home I found Is called Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t be scared of the Affiliate part let me explain.

I searched online for jobs working at home and one after another was a scam saying you can make 500 dollars every day emailing, or stuffing envelopes, or so many other things like that and you click on them and then you have to pay to start.

Yes all those are so bogus and they just take your money when you’re trying to earn money to provide for your family. One day I stumbled on a blog and started reading it and it said you could start your own business for no cost.

That caught my attention! So I continued to read, it said for a free starter member you get a free Site Rubix. Com domain, live hosting top of the line site security and speed, free generate press theme, free Site builder it literally builds your website in thirty seconds live hosting up and running.

It also offers lessons to teach you how to start your business properly and build a company for years to come. Not only that it offers live chat, best WordPress, SEO search tool, Jaxxy SEO research tool for a starter member you get thirty free uses a month, really all of this for no cost. Wait there Is more, It teaches you how to build your website brand pick a niche, teaches you how to write content to bring organic traffic to your website to sell your products, it also has on the platform a community to answer any questions you have to help you on your way.

You can start your own blog, it has affiliate programs to join right on the platform but you can also search google for millions of products you can sell as an affiliate marketer, and you can start and build a life long business for no cost. All I can say Is go check it out. You will see for yourself that this Is all honest and true.

There are other memberships you can join but that’s only if you want more a premium and yearly member you get ten websites, hosting site security and speed, 50 entrepreneur certification lessons, you can join there own affiliate program and earn commissions and earn a trip to Las Vegas paid for if you can have 300 referrals in a calendar year, and earn excellent commissions while your building a business.

They offer Jaxxy tool unlimited uses for premium and yearly members, 24/7 site support they get back to you literally within five minutes, they have so much to offer and if you want to build a business for yourself for years to come this Is the place for you. You will find your home at Wealthy Affiliate. I did and my children and I are going to be okay and I’m proud of that.

Thank You

I hope you have enjoyed my journey to a better life it Is possible and anyone can build there dreams and follow them the only one that can hold you back Is yourself I hope you take that step and check out wealthy affiliate you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions please leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you.

Thank You

Dorrie H.

Until Next Time

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  1. Thanks for this great article that you have written! I’m glad that you have found your home at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great place and I highly recommend it!!

  2. Hi Dorrie, I’ve read your article in one long breath. What you’ve gone through is unimaginable. You have my greatest respect! I am also very sorry to hear about your mobility problems. I’m sure you are supplied with the best medicine. I was just wondering whether you’ve been taking turmeric as well? It is supposed to be very good for joints, and people with arthritis, for example, have been successfully using it. So just a little extra tip for you in case you haven’t been taking it. Good luck and thanks for sharing your incredible story!

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