37 Home Remedies Cold Sores

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Hi everyone, so happy you stopped by to read another article. Today this one is going to be on home remedies for cold sore’s and the symptoms thyroid diseases has to do with cold sore’s and why we get them and the causes of them that pertain to our thyroid. I hope you get information that you are looking for and some of your questions answered from this article. Here are about 37 home remedies cold sores prevention and helpful vitamins, herbs, minerals, and supplements we can use. So let’s get started, shall we.

6 Causes Of Cold Sores

Let’s start off with some causes of cold sore’s and why we sometimes get them or activate them in our bodies. Adrenal fatigue, autoimmune thyroid diseases, Hashimoto’s, is the most common thyroid disease.

(CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome one million Americans alone have (CFS). Chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr is another, this one is usually the cause of (Mono) this causes extreme exhaustion.

Depression and anxiety are the top two disabilities in the world. Studies have been linked to (EBV) Epstein-Barr Virus, showing forms of anxiety, panic attacks, and attachment disorders. Lyme Disease is implicated with the (EBV) virus. These are by far not all the causes from cold sore’s these that I have listed are just a small handful that I am talking about in this article.

High Acidic Foods and Cold Sores

Highly acidic foods can cause you to go into an outbreak of cold sore’s for example,
All junk foods
Red meat too much of it, eat in moderation
White flour/processed
Food additives
Artificial sweeteners
Foods to avoid that can trigger (EBV) and Herpes virus most common are low in lysine and high in arginine.
Chocolate, coconut, (you can use coconut oils it doesn’t have amino acids in it) nuts and seeds, orange juice, oats, wheat products, products that contain gluten, lentils, protein supplements, protein found in milk increases arginine levels, gelatin, and casein.
What’s interesting is foods we avoid in Hashimoto’s Disease are staples for Paleo diets autoimmune Paleo diets.

37 Natural Cold Sore Remedies

I have listed all together in this article 37 natural cold sore remedies that can help with healing and help prevent cold sore’s. They come in several forms, from essential oils, to supplements, herbs, and vitamins.

Essential oils, there are a few that can help effectively attack the virus and help with healing the cold sore’s.

Ravensara: this is an excellent anti-viral oil applied topically directly on your cold sore’s

Heliochrysum: this helps to regenerate flesh and helps heal cold sore’s more quickly

Turmeric: this is helpful for anti-inflammatory properties

Anti-Herpes Herbs: Belamcanda, crataegous, clove, inula, dandelion, epimedium, houttuynia, rhubarb, salvia, prunella, portulaca, scrophularia, and lonicera.

Anti-EBV Herbs: These specifically attack (EBV) and other herpes viruses. Angelica sinensis, milletia, lithosperum, paedria picrorhiza, chrysanthemum, and citrus. The Chinese Herbal Materia Medica this is full of herbs that can help wonderfully.

Anti-Cytomegalovirus: dandelion, isatis root, lithosperum, baphicacanthes, forsythia, gardenia, cnidium, vitex, epimedium, lonicera, and chrysanthemum.

Supplements May Help Cold Sores

Let’s look into supplements and vitamins for a minute. When our immune systems get low or you have thyroid diseases, anyone with thyroid diseases knows that we don’t have a very good immune system if any at all, that it can trigger cold sore’s. Cold sore’s can lay dormant in your body for years and something can trigger them to surface. One of those triggers is your immune system. Here are some supplements and vitamins that our bodies could be lacking that can help heal and prevent hopefully from surfacing.

Lysine: supplements may help control herpes outbreaks, suggested daily intake 1250 mg

Zinc, vitamins C and B are helpful and can help heal outbreaks

Vitamins: vitamin D strengthens (CD8+T cells) so is Alutathione and Superoxide Dismutase, (EPA and DHA).

Here are other supplements that may increase (CB8+ T cells) include, N-Acetyl: butyrate, cysteine (NAC), gynostemma, and andrographis.

Thyroid and Cold Sores

Sometimes our cold sore’s can be severe enough where we have to see a doctor to be prescribed medication. Here are a couple of Western Medications doctors call them.

Acyclovir: acyclovir is a potent anti-viral medication this is an effective medication that is prescribed by a physician and it’s for people who have very severe outbreaks.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), this can help with immune functions, it can help your body deal with and calm physiological stress, and can help your body effectively deal with the herpes virus.

Tips and Conclusions To Help Fight Thyroid Diseases And Cold Sores

Here are a few tips and actually doctors orders if you talk to your physician, I am not a doctor but I have researched on these remedies and tips. There are a few major things that need to change and be done with helping your body to stay stress free quote (doctors orders). Major thing in helping Hashimoto’s Disease and the Herpes virus. Stress relieving activities and we need to change to a healthy diet.


This will help prevent the virus from surfacing and keep us healthy. (EBV) Epstein-Barr Virus and Hashimoto’s Disease, it is crucial to relive stress, if you don’t you are in for a world of hurt. You need to do things you like to do to relieve and relax yourself. Like drawing doing art, listening to music your favorite band or symphony, or maybe playing music like the piano or guitar, yoga is very healthy and good for your body, meditation, mineral baths are very relaxing if you like that, the spa, and maybe a massage.


These are not luxuries, being stress free and relaxed are necessities if you are living with these viruses and diseases, for your health and for your state of mind.
Well it’s time to wrap this article up, I hope you have gotten information out of this article and some helpful tips and if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments below or if you have symptoms of something and want me to write an article to help you provide information about it leave them below in comments and I will get back with you. Thank you for visiting until next time Dorrie.

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